7 years of successfull trade on Iranian and Russian markets.

  • We are first and only fish and seasfood exporters from Iran to Russia .
  • Wide business connections in Iran, Russia and bordering countries.
  • Marketing and sales expansion on Russian and Iranian markets. We promote and sell your product.
  • All risks of international trade relations are on our side. If you are Iranian company than you deal with our Iranian subsidiary.
  • We work with support of Iranian embassy in Russia.


Vannamei Farm Shrimp from Iran

Our partners are largest Iranian farm shrimp producers. We are first company to succesfully transfer and sell shrimp, fish and seafood from Iran in Russia.

Dairy Products

As Iranian dairy producers have been recently accredited by Russian state veterinary inspection we are in close connection with company representatives and potential clients.

Poultry & Chiken

We are looking for clients and render legal and customs suppport to producers and farms.

Shipping Company. Our own truck fleet.

Our competitive edge is that we have our own trucks and collaborate with a number of shipping companies so we could arrange fast and precise shipment. Along with Legal and customs support our clients are very content with the result.

Fruits and vegetables of export quality

First trucks have been sent to Russia in early 2016. Among our deliveries are cucumber, potato, eggplant, onion, carrot, watermelon, turnip, beet, bulgarian pepper, tomatoe, kivi, apple and many more.

Fish and other seafood

Our range of fish and seafood is constantly widening comprising salmon trout, squid fish, caviar of different fish, sharp Shark large and small, anchovy and sprat Indian Ocean, Red mullet Persian Gulf, ling, Slab large, plaice and sole, pygmy sea bream, sea bass large and small, sea catfish, ribbon fish, Sardinella, Scat large and small, Mackerel, large and small Horse mackerel, herring, sea bass, tuna, sea eel, Mass food fish of the Persian Gulf.

Our Partnership Program

Company Story

"MEIGOO" LLC was founded in September 2015 to cover import operations of fish and seafood products. With logistics support of parent organization Tehran Expo LLC MEIGOO has been working hard to fulfill the growing need in shrimps of Russian market and was able to successfully substitute European and Asian suppliers. At the moment, we are THE ONLY IMPORTER OF IRANIAN SHRIMP. We are continuously widening our range of fish and seafood working hard to match our clients demands and suppliers offers. Though initially MEIGOO was aimed to import only seafood and fish now we are negotiating import terms with four companies focused on dairy products and two poultry companies. These companies are in process of getting accreditation from Rissian veterinary state service. As of 2016 we also started to deliver Iranian fruits and vegetables and other agricultural production.

• In 2016, we sponsor a number of Iranian producers that are growing Vannamei shrimp to achieve a lower price for the Russian market.

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